About Us

Erin Malman and Chelsea Castaldy are the principal designers at Ruby Door Design. Erin and Chelsea have unique styles and skills that complement each other and render them a perfect team for your design and aesthetic needs. They are also close friends who value the distinctive flair and experience that each brings to the design and staging process.

Erin and Chelsea were once coworkers employed at the same design showroom. They love the design process and are passionate about helping their clients see their design dreams come to fruition. One night, while sharing their aspirations over a bottle of red wine, they decided to chase their dreams and venture out on their own as the Ruby Door Design team. The name they chose was inspired by several components of Ruby Door Design: the doors Erin and Chelsea open to clients who feel design-challenged or inhibited, the casual elegance they bring to your home or business, the freedom and inspiration that they found when they unleashed their dream, and, of course, the red wine they were drinking when they hatched the concept.

The relationship between Erin and Chelsea is one that you will come to value as a client. They are unabashed in their passion for style and their commitment to excellence at every stage of the design process. They respect client input and ideas and view client satisfaction and trust as the most critical components of interior design and staging—if you aren’t happy with the method and results, they have failed. Erin and Chelsea have both worked in high-charged, cosmopolitan cities and are equipped to deal with the most discerning client or challenging project. Most importantly, they present the ultimate yin and yang—a perfect mix of experience, formal education, stylistic similarities and differences, and four keen eyes that will develop and implement your design dream!


Erin Malman

Erin has a degree in Interior Design from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising-San Francisco and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin (watch out—she might know what color you will pick before you say a thing!)

Erin is also certified in architectural drafting, a skill that is critical to larger design projects. She is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and has extensive residential design experience. She was involved in historical preservation and architectural work in San Francisco, California.

Erin is married and has two children, Keller and Delilah. She also has a dog named Maddie and a fat cat named Thomas. When she’s is not designing or drafting, Erin enjoys skiing, traveling, music and spending time with family and friends.

Chelsea Castaldy

Chelsea has a Degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Chelsea has extensive design experience in New York and in Washington, DC where she refined and enhanced her skills as a designer at McMaster Wallace Interiors, a well-known design firm in the nation’s Capitol.

After moving to Colorado to be closer to family, Chelsea further honed her residential design skills at a design studio and showroom in the Denver area. Chelsea is married and has a son named Leon. She is also a “mother” to a pug named Lottie and shepard mix name Billy.

When she takes time away from fabrics and paint colors, Chelsea likes snowboarding, photography (she is professionally trained in photography as well), art and spending time with family and friends.

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